Advisory against employment frauds

Due to increase job requirments has resulted in a significant rise in jobs scams, often featuring fraudsters impersonating recruitment companies or consultants.

Da Werben is making every effort to raise awareness of the tricks used by fraudsters and to safeguard individuals and companies from scams that use our corporate name.

Warning signs when being contacted

Below is a list of warning signs that could indicate you have been contacted by scammer posing as a recruitment consultant.

A averred Da Werben's consultant requesting you to:

  • Provide personal tax or financial information.
  • Pay a fee in order to be put forward as a candidate for starter kit, a role or asking for registration fee.
  • Pay money on behalf of another individual.
  • Request past tax information.
Online contact on from a purported recruitment consultant with:
  • A lack of activity, information, or contact details on their profile.
  • A suspicious profile picture.
  • Poor spelling and/or grammar
  • Communications of any sort guaranteeing employment or income.

What you can do

Interview Process

  • Employers who offer you a job without an interview or a formal application process should be avoided.
  • Don’t send money to anybody.
  • Never pay upfront for a job or registration fee etc.
  • Never provide personal or financial information via email.

Da Werben will never request direct payment from a candidate for the job referrals of any nature. All email communications will from us be sent from official Outsourcing email domains. These are:


Warnings for Phishing

Phishing is a type of scam used to trick end-users into divulging sensitive information. There has also been an increase in cases of fraudsters duplicating/cloning legitimate recruiting consultancies' websites in an attempt to steal money, steal financial information, account credentials and/or personal information from job seekers and hiring managers.

Common Signs of Phishing

  • Threatening or urgent a email or message claiming your account will be locked if you don’t respond.
  • Request you to claim lottery winnings or a large inheritance.
  • Includes an unexpected attachment Invoices, obscure file types, or documents prompting you to “enable macros” or other settings.
  • Links to a suspicious website that doesn’t look quite right or uses a “look-a-like domain”.

What you can do

  • If you feel that someone is impersonating a legitimate company, contact the company directly using a trusted communication channel, such as a phone number posted on their website.
  • We recommend that you validate the SSL certificate to determine the validity of a website. Most browsers allow you to do this by clicking the padlock on the far left of the URL. If it doesn't have one, it could be a hoax website.
  • Use security tools: Enable and regularly update anti-virus software, firewalls, and security patches. Keep personal information personal.
  • Be wary of attachments: Avoid opening unexpected attachments, especially those with unusual file extensions (.zip, .jar, .js).
  • Sensitive information, such as bank account or credit card numbers, should never be sent over email or instant chat.

Please note that the above information is not exhaustive, and is intended only to be used for general guidance. We cannot guarantee your account safety by following these steps alone.

Please note that our Company never asks for personal information unrelated to the job application process, such as bank or credit card data and never charges any fees to apply to any jobs. Any job posting claiming to represent our Company that contains requests for financial details, or that charges an application fee or security deposit, is not legitimate and should be reported to Disha Consultancy by contacting us here.

Da Werben Services reserves the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against anyone attempting to misuse the brand name, brand logos and the names / designations of our employees for illegal and unauthorized activities.

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