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"Safety at Work, the new normal !"

The Year 2020 is recorded in the history as COVID 19 Pandemic. The COVID 19 has disturbed the Global job market and the global economy has hit hard. It has almost halted the global economics. The health and safety of earthling are at the top most priority. Restrain and resolution are important to defeat the pandemic. COVID-19 has presented a great challenges not only to countries but also business and workers around the world.

With this pandemic being far from over, its impact will be seens for coming years. But this is not the end. Though the "Work World" has changed. Now as economies are gradually restarting by enabling the businesses to reopen there operatons, it is utmost important to ensure this process is done in a safest manner.

With the onset of COVID-19 , employers have been advised to implement a system of safe management measures at workplaces for running their business operations, while ensuring employee well-being and rducing risk of spreading of COVID-19.

Safe return to work admist this crisis is a significant challenge as their is a risk of re-arising or mutlipying of COVID-19 cases. Businesses / Organisations will have to follow, adjust and adapt physical distancing, extra hygiene measures, regular testing, and other guidiness provided by health authorities along with flexible operations like remote working.

The health and safety of our team, and clients is our primary concern. Throughout the pandemic, we have supported our clients without team working remotely in order to facilitate a safe return to the physical workplace for our clients and candidates when the time is right.

  • How can we help?
  • As remote working has become new normal, we being an internet HR company provide you with best platform with comphrensive HR services to get right workforce.
  • We are active across nations and sectors, work for both large enterprises and SMEs, thus levaraging us to be helpful for both candidates and clients.
  • With more than 50% of the team being younger than 30 and the share of women being higher, we provide dedicated services to both.
  • Working as bridge between employers and employees, we understand the problems & challenges faced by each and serve both with best of interests and capabilities.
  • With our large global networks we have proven agility with changing circumstances, and in helping clients and talent.
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Safety Tips:

  • Adapt to Remote working
  • Apply Physical distancing
  • Regular Temperature and control checks.
  • Follow Health and hygiene like washing hands, wearing masks and gloves guidelines
  • Reporting the authorites in case of any detection.

If you have additional concerns, you can reach us

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